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The Subtle Art of Honoring Body and Soul

"We should not 'sacrifice' our present moments for the sake of 'the future'. Our future is created as a result of our moments. So, be mindful in the present moment, enjoying and loving life. Trust and know the future will take care of itself."

- Samantha Ford

Well, my friends, it has been a little while since I have posted a blog or shared much on social media... since last year to be exact! I have been led by my own inner Divinity and connection with Source to take a long break, focus on my physical and spiritual practices, and allow a reinvention and realignment of my purpose to emerge naturally throughout the month of January.

There were a number of moments during this time of honoring what was right for me that I felt shame, guilt, and pressure trying to sneak into my sphere. As an entrepreneur, there are a lot of outside influences consistently attempting to convince you that you should always be sharing content and taking advantage of every holiday to offer something to clients and the world at large, and the new year is one of the biggest opportunities for this mindset to be shoved down your throat. I noticed that this is a mindset programmed into us as a direct result of the capitalist world in which we live and that practically all of us are subtly influenced by it even when sincerely attempting not to let it in. There is a constant pressure to work and produce until we have nothing left to give... and then we have to dig deeper and give some more. There is very little room left for honoring the Spirit and the Body inside of the hustle and bustle of everyday life and the pressure to always be on your A-game.

I noticed these feelings come up, allowed myself to feel what they were there to teach me, acknowledged where they were coming from, and then made the conscious choice to continue down the path I was being guided to follow in nurturing my body and soul, with my sole focus being on what was being called for in the moment for my ultimate well being. What a journey it has been! There are places within me that have been so deeply transformed by saying no to external and internal pressure to put my well being second and just push through because the world thinks I should. The caterpillar that I was had to enter into gestation in a cocoon of self care to emerge renewed and transformed in the world, once again able to fully participate in life and do my part to aid the process of transformation in those whom I am here to serve.

This gestational experience has inspired me to share a bit about the subtle art of honoring body and soul over the next week as we traverse this season of focus on Love in all it forms. Honoring and loving the self are essential parts of every Healing Journey.

I look forward to sharing on this subject throughout the coming week and embarking on this collective Journey together.