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The Subtle Art of Honoring Body and Soul, Part 2

As soon as I made a commitment to myself to write a series on this topic which I have been living for the past month or so, the Universe aligned to test me and give me even deeper lessons around it. For most of my month long dive into deeply honoring body and soul throughout January, the majority of what was being called for by my inner guidance was centered around soul practices. I was taking measures to honor my body as well, but my body was not crying out for specific attention in the same way.

I had scheduled time for myself on Monday and Tuesday of this week to flesh out this topic and complete my series to share with you all, intending to have completed it by Valentines Day. It seemed a fitting schedule for sharing lessons on self love. But as soon as Monday morning rolled around, I found myself in a predicament due to a previous injury. I was experiencing pervasive headaches and neck pain due to an old hockey injury of my Atlas and Axis, or the C1 and C2 vertebrae. It seemed to have been aggravated somehow, though there was no incident that obviously caused this aggravation. This does not happen very often, and the intensity of this episode was surprising and abnormal. My headaches were so intense that I couldn't do much of anything, and there was a lesser amount of neck pain accompanying them compared to episodes in the past. Meditation plus self massage, energy work, and anti-inflammatory herbs were the things that brought the most relief, and the first few days of this week had to consist of these things.

While using my practices to deal with and alleviate the pain throughout the beginning of the week, I tuned into my inner guidance during meditation, asking why I was experiencing this now. At first, I was looking for an answer that led to some physical thing I had done to cause the aggravation, or perhaps even something like a sinus infection. The answer I received was not what I originally wanted to allow myself to see, but made perfect sense... a total a-ha moment. My body was testing me by asking me to slow down and honor it even though I had other plans and commitments. The sharing of this information had to be put off just a bit while I spent time honoring the needs of my body. I realized that it would be unfair to myself to try to push through and write about my experiences... after all, this was exactly the type of situation that I was intending to share about anyways!

This experience is a perfect example of how the subtle art of honoring can show up to be called forth in our lives. As professionals, we are encouraged to ignore and push through messages that our bodies are giving us in order to complete our tasks. My many years of working in a laboratory setting have deeply ingrained this in me, and now I find myself inspired to unwind this conditioning. I set goals for myself and plan out my workflow, and I typically will go above and beyond in order to meet these goals, even to the point of pushing my body and my spirit past their limits in order to fulfill on these promises I have made myself and others. However, when we are not honoring the messages being given us by our bodies, our inner landscape, and our direct vertical connection with Source, we are also not capable of giving our best to the world, the people in our lives, and our professions. Sometimes the only thing to do is to slow down and honor the process that your mind, body, and soul requires in order to restore balance.

The fact of the matter was that I was not done with my own lessons in this subject, and I don't think that I ever will be. It takes constant listening, vigilance, and surrender to begin to master this subtle art. Really, it

is the art of being willing to relinquish control with humility and grace.... the art of listening and of remaining open. It is the art of connecting to the Divine within and knowing our own worth, regardless of the trappings of the outer world and the messages that it tries to give us about ourselves and our accomplishments. Things both within and without us are in a constant state of flux, so the lessons are themselves constant and never ending.

With all of that being said, it is now clear that this series is meant to be extended past what I had originally intended. The second part of this series will now become the third, as it was always intended to be. And that is perfect in its imperfection... a part of honoring the Sacred Spark of Divinity Within.