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The Subtle Art of Honoring Body and Soul, Part 3

Happy Valentine's Day! What better day than today to focus on the love that we give to ourselves, and in particular our physical vessels. Today, I want to hop back into into series on The Subtle Art of Honoring Body and Soul through focusing on self care for your physical body. Ultimately, caring for our physical body gets us to the place where we are then also able to begin the process of bringing balance and self care to our emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies as well. Balance in our physical sphere opens us up to hear the requests of our spiritual body, our Soul.

Our physical vessel is the vehicle through which the combines aspects of our Soul manifest in and experience the world. Taking measures to show this vessel immense amounts of love is one of the first steps to allow the acknowledgment of worthiness and to honoring ourselves as a whole being.

I just want to share a few quick ways to do this, and I'm making the request that you take a few moments out of this day, the Holiday where we honor love, to do at least one of these practices.

The first is self touch. Take a few moments to slow down your breath and put attention on any part of your body that is experiencing any sort of tightness or pain. The Navy Seals use a breathing technique that they refer to as box breathing to keep themselves calm and alleviate stress, and those guys know a thing or two about stressful situations. I like to couple this technique with putting attention on parts of the body that are experiencing a lack of ease. You can extend this to self touch and massage of those areas after or during the breathing technique as well, but it works wonders without that as well.

Box Breath: Breathe in for a count of four. Make sure all the air has been expelled from your lungs before you start to inhale. Once you start breathing in, make sure to completely fill your lungs. Hold your breath for a four count. No more inhaling at this point, and try not to let any air escape yet. Exhale for a count of four. Let the air out of your lungs at an even rate for the entire count of four. Make sure to get it all out. Hold your lungs empty for another count of four. Sit quietly and experience the void within for these four seconds. Repeat the process repeatedly for as long as you would like. I like to aim to do it at least four times through.

Another wonderful way to show yourself some love today is to place your hand over your heart while saying to yourself aloud, "I love you, and I am here for you." It is almost as though you are protecting and hugging your own heart. You can repeat this over and over, or add any other affirmations that speak to you in the moment. You can also combine this with the breathing technique listed above. I like to end this process by physically embracing myself in a hug, a gesture of love towards myself.

One of the most transformative ways that I have adopted over the past month to honor my physical body and its needs is to take on a daily yoga challenge. I'm going to keep it brief today because I have plans with my husband and community for the evening, but I could say SO MUCH about the benefits of yoga for all of our bodies, not just the physical, but the physical body can transform so quickly with the daily love and honoring of a yoga practice. The community you find in a studio setting can be very inspiring for many people, and I do love it, but I find it sometimes difficult to make it to a studio everyday. For this past month, I took on a 30 days of yoga challenge offered by youtube yoga teacher Adrienne of Yoga with Adrienne. It is a great way to keep up a daily practice even when things get busy and hectic in life, as you can squeeze it in any time at home! Here is link to the challenge that I took on!

Ok, now get out there and show yourself some love this evening! I'm sending love and prayers from afar that you feel the incredible depths of love contained within you and that that sparks your own healing in whatever way you need most.